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We are experts in tree pruning, hedging, tree removal, stump grinding. Furthermore, we also offer professional services for stump removal, palm removal, block clearing, fire breaks and mulching.


We offer a holistic Arboricultural service. We want to see trees preserved where possible and promote them in a healthy and safe manner to improve our environments.


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Arboreal Tree Care Truck


Wayne wishes to see native bushland preserved and better managed while encouraging new plantings and increased recycling of trees for better utilisation.

  • Certified Arborist
  • Trained in Risk Assessment
  • Specialied in Work Safe
wayne and customer - TREE SERVICES ROCKINGHAM - Tree Services Kwinana


  • Fully Insured
  • Current safe work practices
  • Work to Australian standards
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Friendly team
  • We protect your garden & property
fauna management


Some of our WA species of fauna are listed as THREATENED or ENDANGERED, and some even on the verge of extinction. Clearing of native vegetation in the Swan Coastal Plains, our Banksia woodlands and wheatbelt areas where foraging and/or breeding naturally occurs, is a major threat. Increasing development, mining, agriculture, climate change and fire are also key factors, in the decrease of available nesting hollows, roosting and foraging sites.

We are very mindful and respect our fortunate position to work within the environment. Carrying out a fauna inspection of every tree and shrub we are faced with, prior to any work being undertaken, is our first step to ensuring the care and well-being of any fauna present. Typically, if any fauna does exist which are mostly birds in Springtime, we will put the job on hold until the chicks fledge for example.


In this day when our world is living in smaller housing developments and immersed in so much technology, a lot of children are staying indoors and using devices. Fortunately, we have access to a large resource of tree logs and want to see them re-cylcled in a much more useful and practical way than the usual mulching, burning or disposing.

We feel that there is nothing more rewarding than seeing children interacting and having fun climbing over our creatively built, log play equipment. We also feel that being equipped and skilled to utilise our tree biproducts, to construct and supply nature play equipment for children, is a massive WIN, WIN.

nature play

Arboriculturist in Western Australia

We service the following areas:

  • Mandurah
  • Rockingham
  • Kwinana
  • The Shire of Murray
  • Waroona
  • Harvey
  • Bunbury

commercial clients

  • Peel Harvey Catchment Council
  • City of Mandurah
  • Fulton Hogan Services/ Mainroads WA
  • Saint Damiens Cathoilic Primary school
  • Star of the Sea Catholic Primary school
  • Mandurah Catholic College
  • Saint Burnadettes catholic school
  • National Lifestyle Villages
  • Serpentine Jarrahdale Landcare Group
  • Arcadia Waters Retirement Village
  • Timbers Edge Estate
  • Waroona Caravan park
  • RAAFA Estate
  • Assumption Catholic Primary school
  • COCO C Bay Resort
  • Fredwick Irwin Catholic school
  • Bethanie Waters Retirement Villages
  • Opal Retirement homes
  • City of Melville
  • Curtin University
  • Saint Vincents Catholic school
  • Department of Lands

Tree Pruning & Tree Removal Perth | Mulching Services


Nat Cull
Nat Cull
Wayne went out of his way to quote on a large tree removal and ended up giving advice that saved us an expensive exercise whilst also giving us a better outcome. In addition, we received valuable advice on other areas of our garden. He is not all about making money. The focus is on the best outcome possible for potential clients.
Ruth H
Ruth H
I recently engaged Arboreal Tree Care to trim and prune the trees on my property. Wayne and his team are excellent, very professional and easy to deal with. I highly recommend them.
Maggie Wilde West
Maggie Wilde West
Thank you Wayne for sending those three members of your staff to carry out my pruning job. They were knowledgeable, professional, courteous, helpful and very efficient in the way they went about completing what was quite a tricky job. Nothing was too much trouble for them, including taking up and then re laying the slab paths to prevent the slabs from damage. I am a fussy gardener and they left my garden and terrace in immaculate condition which I really appreciated. They even cleaned out the gutter and took a photo for me of a 'local resident' high up in the canopy. I would certainly recommend your services to other customers and thank you Maggie
Summit Realty
Summit Realty
Wayne and his team are knowledgeable, experienced and quickly available for work
Peter Zurzolo
Peter Zurzolo
The guys did a great job and the clean up was first rate
Owen Horton
Owen Horton
We had a branch come from a 25 m high tree that left another large branch likely to come down. Wayne came around to have a look very quickly and got his guys to get up on the cherry picker to take it down. Wayne always does a great job and has a great set of guys working for him. Always happy with his work.
Wendy Thornhill
Wendy Thornhill
Wayne and his team were so easy to deal with. Wayne is very knowledgeable and has given me advice on a number of issues in my garden. He is always happy to help and I found him really easy to talk to. I have used them twice now and both times they have been great. They always kept me informed on what they were doing and tidied up after they were finished. Also, left me a pile of wood for my wood burner and chipped the rest for me to use as mulch on the garden.
Gu Kataya
Gu Kataya
Have just had the team out again for some serious work. Great guys, faultless job. All highly professional. Wayne and the guys are beyond amazing. Knowledgable, kind and very fair price. I have zero hesitatiins in commending them far and wide (they do cover lots of areas too!). Bruce
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