Root Pruning and Root Barrier Installations

Root Pruning and Root Barrier Installations

Root pruning is one of the most common methods of mitigation prescribed for structure impacts. Arboreal Tree Care takes each root pruning specification seriously and insures its necessity before proceeding with this service as plant tissue does not heal and instead only calluses. Root pruning is a process in which fresh cuts are made to allow for the quickest callusing of essential wounds and healthy re-growth of root systems. During development, root pruning is used in areas where excavations are to take place. In these situations roots are normally torn and crushed by digging equipment, severely impacting a tree’s ability to recover.

Root pruning prevents serious damage to tree root systems, alleviates root invasions to drains and sewers, prevents damage to property and eliminates safety hazards.

Arboreal tree Care will install a root barrier to prevent roots from entering areas where they can cause damage. We will also excavate roots and expose the root system to determine what action needs to be taken when facing a root problem. Call us today and we will arrange a qualified arborists to assess the issues and take appropriate actions.

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