Tree services

We offer a holistic Arboricultural service and experience to our customers and of course your trees

Our team consists of suitably qualified Arborists which are supported by competently skilled and trained, ground staff.

Safe work methods and upto date industry standards, are applied to each job at hand, ensuring you that get a professional service with no damage to your property.

We own and maintain all the necessary machinery and equipment to undertake your specific tree needs. This means, that we take complete control of the job from start to finish.

"Every effort is made to introduce the team, understand the clients and tree’s needs, before any work is undertaken. "

- Wayne, Arboreal Tree Care Director

stump grinding and removal - Premier Stump Grinding Services

We are extremely environmentally aware and want to protect flora and fauna at all costs.

Minimising the impact of our works on surrounding trees and shrubs is important to us. We will refuse to undertake tree works that would cause injury or death to our local birds and animals.

A qualified Arborist will always be your first point of contact to ensure you get the best recommendations and advice for your tree situation.

In some cases clients ask us for quotes on tree related scenarios that are fear based but If we don’t believe there is a need to act, or the work is unwarranted, we will be the first to tell you and provide professional advice to support why.

Some of the typical tree services we provide are:

  • All forms of Tree pruning – Reduction, thinning, hedging, deadwood removal and also fruit trees
  • Tree removal – confined space rigging with cherry pickers or tree climbers
  • Mulching – to efficiently remove debris and re-cycle greenwaste
  • Planting – Advanced trees or tube stock
  • Stump grinding or excavation
  • Truck and loader service
  • Fire break clearing – BAL clearing and fuel reduction
  • Recycled products for sale- Mulch, hobby timber, split firewood, habitat and nature play logs
tree services


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