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In the tree care industry, there is an infrequent recognised difference between those who make their living by providing tree care services and those professionals who are sincerely interested in the welfare of trees.

  • We are the most professional Tree Care service in the region.
  • We are the most knowledgeable Tree Care service in the region as we understand the purpose and functions of trees.
  • We care about the Fauna and Flora.
  • We care about our clients.
  • We provide the best clean-up job on completion of our work.
  • We have the right equipment and skilled staff to perform the work professionally.
  • Wayne Goring has over 19 year experience in the industry.

Since the field of arboriculture is based on a life science, arborists must stay current with the latest discoveries and technologies. Wayne Goring from Arboreal Tree Care is a dedicated professional tree care consultant who receives continuous education, instruction, and certification in the latest techniques and newest equipment. For an arborist, the death of a tree is something which happens only after he or she has made every effort to save it. The arborist believes that the true value of a tree equals the amount of enjoyment we may derive from a tree’s beauty and an appreciation for it as a fellow living being.

Consultants with expertise in tree and shrub care can help your propertys specific needs to ensure the health, beauty and safety of your landscape. The arborist approaches tree care in the same fashion that the physician or surgeon practices and continually works to increase their knowledge. Arborist consultants base their diagnoses and recommendations on solid facts and scientific data which they carefully collect and analyze.

Tree care and plant health care are an arborists top priority. Therefore, arborists are required to have the technical skills and an understanding of the scientific principles underlying the profession. Due to the unforgiving work environment arborists and their crews must face each day, tree care safety is an important consideration which must be addressed.

Arboriculture is a profession with chainsaws that can cut, chippers that can devour, high voltage currents, high places to fall from, and streets teaming with traffic where crew members must stand. The arborists help make sure that safety standards are being upheld by the crews.

The training, knowledge and commitment that is characteristic of a true arborist makes him or her qualified to diagnose tree illnesses and handle the equipment and resources necessary for proper tree care. These traits differentiate our tree care consultants from laymen and define their expertise. Most important, an arborist will work to keep your trees alive, growing, healthy and beautiful because we love them as much as you do.

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