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Wayne wishes to see native bushland preserved and better managed while encouraging new plantings and increased recycling of trees for better utilisation.

Before you attempt any tree work or next time you sit or park under that shady tree that you thought about cutting down because of the leaf and fruit litter it creates, consider that a tree is a living organism much like ourselves.

  • It photosynthesises by taking in carbon dioxide while emitting valuable oxygen (breathes).
  • If it is cut it will exude sap (bleed) and begin repairing and callusing itself.
  • It requires sunlight, nutrients and water (food) to enable it to survive.
  • It is a host to many other living organisms such as birds, lizards, possums and numerous insects.
  • It can create an aesthetic environment which can be value adding to any property.
  • It also provides valuable shelter from wind, while offering shade and cooling during summer

As consulting arborists, we encourage and promote a strong ethic to environmental care and awareness within our communities environment. We also offer Fauna nesting box installations and are experienced in the rescue and relocation of native fauna as an important complement to our industry and wildlife needs.

Bat, Possum, Carnaby and Red Tail Cockatoos are some of the more popular fauna nesting tubes installed.

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Our Vision is to be the preferred arboriculture service in the Rockingham, Peel and South West Regions. We will deliver professional advice and workmanship while promoting education in environmental care and awareness.

Our team consist of trained Arborists and ground crew that are also certified in their particular positions. We use JSAs or JSHAs and conduct Daily Pre-Starts on all equipment and machinery prior to undertaking the days works safely. Our team will ensure you get the job fulfilled in a safe and efficient manner while caring for your property. We pride ourselves on the presentation and cleanup of your garden.

Arboreal Tree Care will preserve trees wherever possible and ensure that any work carried out, is in their best interest. We will encourage recycling of tree products and promote the benefits.

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