A statement from the owner

"As a business owner, member of the community and single father with full custody of my two girls, I truly believe it’s my purpose to role model and lead by example. In this fast and changing world that we live in, it’s so important that my family, team, clients and competitors are reminded that consideration for hard work, respect for one another and the environment in which we all live in, is the foundation for success" – Wayne Goring, Owner & Founder of Arboreal Tree Care.


Francis Smidt

Serpentine Jarrahdale Landcare

Landcare SJ Inc has engaged the services of Arboreal Tree Care on a regular basis for over ten years. While we have utilised a variety of services, the main purpose has been to install artificial nest boxes for Black Cockatoos. Over the ten years, we have worked in a number of reserves across the metropolitan and Peel regions, and other localities including in Bridgetown, Margaret River, Narrogin, Lake Clifton, and Binningup. The result has been the installation of over 700 artificial hollows across Perth and the South West.

We keep using Arboreal Tree Services because of their high level of professionalism in all aspects of operations including: Occupational health and safety, qualified and trained staff, prompt response to any enquiry, professional affiliation, excellent communication, sensible quoting and reasonable pricing. If there is ever an issue, you are notified immediately. Over that time, I have found Wayne extremely professional, and always generous. He gives his time to support community environmental projects and provide resources without charge to community groups.

I think Arboreal Tree Care deserves an award because of the professional and sensible way they do business. An exceptional operator, if Wayne says they will do something – it is done on time, on budget and as per instructions. High quality work. Its why we have used them on a regular basis for over ten years.

Steve Dowie

Principal of Star of the Sea Catholic School

Wayne put together a very large project for us with a nature playground which came together well above and beyond what we expected. Extremely high standard and had a lot of creativity and a lot of extras that we hadn’t discussed that really made the playground what it is. For our early learning area, he used trees to put together monkey bars and slide and bits and pieces that we hadn’t really thought of doing to create a fun and safe space.

He also helps with regular trimming of trees to keep our environment safe and is very aware of the requirements of running of a school – he tries to do everything to work with school times – early mornings, late afternoons or school holidays.

He also delivers mulch and wood chips to the school in a pile that we can use for the garden and things when we need it. He is the only person I ever contact if I need anything done for the school and it is great to know that we are always guaranteed good service.

We also had his assistance for a great deal of work in my previous role St Damian’s School and as well as at St Damian’s Parish. He is very reasonably priced and always willing to provide his services and be available to help.

Jenny Rose

Herron Resident, President Lake Clifton-Herron Residents Association, Co-ordinator Lake Clifton-Herron Landcare Group

I first met Wayne 14 years ago when he and his team worked on my property. I have been associated with Wayne through the Lake Clifton-Herron Landcare Group's projects with the City of Mandurah, the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council (PHCC) and the Dept. of Biosecurity, Conservation and Attractions. Wayne's work ethic, exemplified by his team, is exceptional. All projects are worked on with the same professional attitude. I had no hesitation in recommending Wayne's team to PHCC for the difficult project job of cutting down large areas of Brazilian peppers.

Wayne is an active member of the Lake Clifton-Herron Residents Association often volunteering his time, machinery and mulch for work around the Community Hall. He has participated in the PHCC Seedling Giveaway, held each year at the Hall, providing information on Cockatubes, weed control and mulch. Wayne is a valuable member of the Lake Clifton-Herron community and his work is highly regarded.

Eryn Jackson

Senior Environmental Management Officer, City of Mandurah

We’ve always found Wayne to be professional, knowledgeable and acting in the best interests of trees. Mostly, our interactions with Wayne are when he has been engaged by a resident to provide advice, risk assessments or pruning work. We are always comfortable accepting the recommendations made by Wayne.


An interview with Cameron Martin, Arboreal Tree Care’s Truck Driver, Groundsman & Team Leader.

How long have you been at Arboreal Tree Care, what does your role involve and what do you like about working there?
"I’ve been here for 2.5 years, and I’m a truck driver, groundsman and Wayne has also made me a Team Leader. I support the cutters on the ground, dragging and chipping. I like the team environment the most – it’s the people that make the job, no matter where you go!"

Why do you believe Arboreal Tree Care deserves this award?
"It’s not the easiest business to be in – but we are successful – we are a service provider and we do it well. We do it with a smile and we do our best to please our clients. We are a successful small business. Wayne needs to provide the service to the clients, and the clients need to provide him with work to make the business. He is a genuine bloke – he provides for his family as well as our families through this business and he should be commended for that. We have so many repeat clients and people recommending us, and I think that speaks for itself in the type of business we are."

An interview with Oliver Wheeler, Arboreal Tree Care’s Climbing Arborist & Team Leader.

How long have you been at Arboreal Tree Care, what does your role involve and what do you like about working there?
"I’ve been working for here for over 6 years now as a Climbing Arborist Team Leader. On site I manage usually about 3 but sometimes up to 6 employees at a time. It’s a very nice atmosphere to work here and I find Wayne to be very respectful of his employees – he is quite understanding of families and family issues."

What are you working on now?
"We are very busy with residential jobs, although we did just finish up 3 weeks of work with Peel Harvey Catchment Council. We were eradicating woody weeds from the edge of Yalgorup National Park and it involved a lot of speaking with community and working with the locals."

Why do you believe Arboreal Tree Care deserves this award?
"To win this award would speak volumes to the effort the guys put in to complete our jobs – including Wayne, having seen the amount of after-hours efforts he puts in to keep customer relationships. It would be fantastic for the team."

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