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Choosing to remove a tree should be your very last option!

Receive professional advice

At Arboreal Tree Care and Rockingham & Kwinana Tree Services, we offer a holistic Arboricultural service. We want to see trees preserved where possible and promote them in a healthy and safe manner to improve our environments.

We can offer an initial site visit that can often determine what the problem is and what treatments are available, to save the given tree or rectify the situation at hand.

The value of a tree with regard to cooling, aesthetics, providing habitat and oxygen, is an important asset that is often disrespected.

- Wayne, Arboreal Tree Care Director

specialised arborist services perth

professional advice to achieve your goals and invest wisely

A tree indicating decline or causing concerns for nearby obstructions does not always need to be removed ! Its is not necessarily dangerous as most people often think.

Whether it’s damage to roads or access paths, a declining tree, preserving a significant tree through development, risk assessment or ongoing tree management planning, its imperative that you receive professional advice to achieve your goals and invest wisely.

Our specialised services include

  • Root barrier installations

    To manage tree roots while preserving the tree and obstructions within or upon the ground surface nearby. This incorporates correct root pruning aligned with the Aust. Standards.

  • Tree capsules

    The use of selected implants are installed into the trees cambium to assist with improving tree health, relative to the diagnosis of the trees decline.

  • Tree injections

    The use of selected liquid, pesticides, fungicides or fertilisers which are given to the tree via the trees cambium to assist with improving tree health, relative to the diagnosis of the trees reason for decline.

  • Tree bracing

    Where are tree is structurally compromised it can be necessary to assist supporting tree parts with approved bracing systems so it can remain safe while growing supportive tissue. Overall offering tree retention and to improve the measure of risk related to a tree, usually in public environments.

  • Wound treatments

    Used where trees are usually damaged by machinery on construction sites to improve healthy callus tissue with some cosmetic improvement also.

  • Tree protection zones

    Also known as TPZ, used to retain trees by protecting their root systems, typically throughout development or construction where a trees root plate is close by and possible damage is evident.

  • Root drenching

    Again, where there is diagnosed decline in the foliage, a root drench can be applied to assist the tree to promote new leaf tip and root growth.

  • Mulching of root zones

    Installing native, composted and weed free re-cycled mulch will help improve soil nutrition and structure which also improves tree health and water retention. This mulch will also cool the soil and suppress annual winter weed growth.

  • Tree risk and health assessment reports

    We can offer a variety of risk assessments to meet your legal situation and budgetary requirements. Wayne can advise which report best suits your situation with as much detail as required to meet your goals.

  • Consultancy and support services

    Whether it be a brief and verbal onsite consult to get you going in the right direction or ongoing Arboricultural direction and reporting on construction or litigation matters, we’ve got you covered.

Wayne is experienced and certified in most facets of tree care.

  • Advanced Diploma of Horticulture/ Arboriculture
  • Registered QTRA user (Quantified Tree Risk Assessment)
  • ISA TRAQ Certified (Tree Risk Assessment Qualified)
  • Plus, numerous industry memberships and industry qualifications

We service public, commercial/ developers and local government clients.
Call Wayne for more information and advice!

Tree implants - Specialised Arborist Services
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